Oakfield: Launch Party Photos

A view of the harbour & free wine – the stage was set

So 25 years came to an end this night.  Oakfield.  Technically, my 9th novel but one that I started in 1989 when I was 19 years old. This is the machine I was using when I started: a Philips Videowriter with integral printer. I loved this machine. Great memories of sitting in my parents house listening to Clan of Xymox whilst mapping out the first chapters.

Philips Videowriter portable word processor with integral printer 1989

Philips Videowriter portable word processor with integral printer 1989

I’d just returned from an epic few weeks in the Arctic with a mate, visiting family.

1989 - Djr - Norway

David J Rodger, 1989 at the start of Oakfield


I finished the book in 1991.  Went into an immediate rewrite which I finished in 1992 after moving from Newcastle to Bristol. Still not happy with it I left it alone and moved on to write God Seed. I finished God Seed in 1996. And the rest is history. A number of books followed. But the idea of Oakfield never went away.  You could say it is one of my favourite stories.  I started a total rewrite in 2013 and finished it in 2014.

The launch party was a big deal for me.  Much more of a celebration (and a goodbye to the story that has been with me for so long) than a calculated PR exercise.

Brigstow Lounge is a fantastic venue for this kind of event.  Good light, easy acoustics (no need for a microphone).   A lot of special folks and new faces turned up.  Gothic horror writer Thomas David Parker played Master of Ceremonies.  I talked briefly about the book, then read for 5 minutes before going into a lengthy and very enjoyable Q+A session. Finally there was a stack of books to sign. All of them went.  Great stuff.

Oakfield is available in paperback from LULU and Amazon, and in Kindle formats.



Oakfield is a new science fiction horror novel and good book to read by David J Rodger

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