Tonight’s Launch Party is a Big Goodbye

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Thursday morning. I am sitting in a cafe on the harbourside, sunlight painting stonework that has been selected to fit in with the historic structures that linger here. I am working on the 3rd edition of my RPG Yellow Dawn. Tonight is the launch party for my new novel, Oakfield. My 9th book but one that has taken me 25 years to write.

This book is important. Probably the most important book I have produced to date.  Because it represents the first in the series. Because It is my beginning, as an author, and in some way it represents an end (of this phase).

Oakfield is a new science fiction horror novel and good book to read by David J Rodger

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I am looking forward to tonight. A chance to celebrate more than a calculated PR exercise.
There will be familiar faces and unfamiliar ones. Fans and friends.
I was 19 when I started writing this book. 1989.  The Berlin wall had just come down.
I was 44 when I finished it. 2014.  The launch was postponed and now it is 2015. The world continues sliding headlong into a true Cyberpunk age.
The last 25 years represents a nearly exclusive majority of my adult life. And throughout all of that time this story, the characters, the feelings and visuals, have been there inside my head.
Now they are out.  It is time to say goodbye.
Oakfield is getting some fantastic reviews from early readers. A bunch of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

“Oakfield by David J Rodger is an amazing and engrossing read.”Angela Brooks

“Best book I have read in a long while. A brilliantly gripping book right from the first paragraph.”Box Clever

“Solid slice of modern Lovecraftian horror. Recommended!”Rob ‘n Beck

Oakfield is fundamentally a story about family and the struggle we all have, sometimes, to fit in or accept or tolerate what we have been born into.  But there are monsters in the quiet places.

Bristol 24/7 ran an interview with me and have given the pre-launch a nice write up, and tied in my role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. Read interview here.

So this is it. This is the day.  I’ll be holding the book aloft. Gazing at it with a smile curving my lips. 25 years comes to an end today.

And ironically, the venue for the launch party, Brigstow Lounge, is just next to Gas Works Lane… the location I used for the start of God Seed, which is the novel that feeds off the ending of Oakfield.
There is meaning in the madness.

If you’re in Bristol tonight swing by the Brigstow Lounge at 7pm. Glass of wine for early arrivers. Come say hello and hear me give a short reading and talk a little more about the book.  Everyone is welcome.

Oakfield - sneak preview of novel cover of new release by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

You can purchase OAKFIELD in paperback or Kindle format. Here are the links. Take a peek now. Shop and make your best discovery today.

LULU books

AMAZON books


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