Marketeers Probing the Triggers to Put You To Sleep

A concept worthy of a sci-fi cyberpunk novel

We’re all aware that advertising targets our primal urges. But here’s one from box-free thinker Floyd Hayes that feels like it has been injected into an unexplored realm.

My man in New York has done it again. When he’s not batting for my sci-fi dark fantasy novels with people in the US, or running the World’s Fastest Agency, he is dreaming up diverse and intelligent ways to give company brands more exposure. This is the chap who once fired-up a high-power light projector on one side of the Thames in London, and splashed a larger-than-life naked image of Gail Porter across the Houses of Parliament – generating an estimated 40 million views for the client FHM and leading the BBC to call it “The stunt of the Century”.

Floyd Hayes resume: 

He has just wrapped up a project for Yotel’s new Smartbed.  It’s the first ad designed to get you to sleep.

Floyd has been quoted as saying “Yawn” is his favorite project so far.

He got to collaborate with award-winning documentary maker Scott Elliott and a fantastic cast of New York characters.

The gorgeous visuals are accompanied by a scientifically developed, sleep inducing sound track by Sound Professor, Tom Middleton, a pioneering UK Electronic artist and Yotel’s music playlist curator.

Tom explains, ‘I’ve designed the ultimate sleep soundtrack using psychoacoustic frequencies, grey noise and ASMR whispering voice textures. Combined with ethereal dissonance, sympathetic pulse/respiration rate reducing bio harmonics and stochastic ambience induce pure relaxation and a deep, rejuvenating sleep.”

Here’s the vid. I tried it last night after finding it hard to sleep. Just let it play in the background. Wonderful stuff. Knocked me right out.





6 thoughts on “Marketeers Probing the Triggers to Put You To Sleep

    • That’s not a totally unrealistic idea. I’ll mention it to him, see what he can come up with – knowing Floyd however it will have some kind of whacky theme about it. Like a party dangling from wires off the side of a New York skyscraper or some such.

  1. Thanks for the kind comments! Tom Middleton’s sound scape really is something special. It gives me startling dreams.

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