Sci-Fi Author Travels to R’lyeh to celebrate launch of his new Lovecraftian novel

David J Rodger has launched his 9th novel after 25 years in the making. Oakfield is a thriller that crosses over into science fiction and the cosmic horror of H.P.Lovecraft

Sci fi horror author David J Rodger photo at R'lyeh he has launched new Cthulhu Mythos novel Oakfield

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

To celebrate, I travelled to the South Pacific after the recent Solar Eclipse brought about the correct alignment of alien cosmic bodies to bring about a rising of the island. Light-footed and carrying my copy of the Ponape Manuscripts, I trudged quickly through weedy slime and black mud until I caught sight of the bizarre Cyclopean masonry twisting into the sky with non-Euclidean geometry.

All the horrors of Earth’s dreamers lie waiting here. So, time enough for a quick selfie before ducking back into a Valoraptor aerodyne and blasting off to the Antarctic trawler The Floydarohayes.

I’ve still got the disgusting stink of the place lodged in my nostrils, the stench of terrible spheres and repugnant dimensions far flung from ours and yet pressed so close we might as well be living cheek to jowl with the monsters that wish to devour us. Worth it for the snap though.

You can shop for the novel, Oakfield, in paperback at LULU, or at Amazon for Kindle [US] , and [UK]

Oakfield is a new science fiction horror novel and good book to read by David J Rodger

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Download the press release – click here.

Oakfield - sneak preview of novel cover of new release by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

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