WiP: 3rd Edition / Marketing / Future Way

Work in Progress

It’s been quite an epic few weeks. I stopped doing the daily mission possible updates. Bit of a social network experiment. Less information less frequently gets better interaction. Also shows that working full-time in writing can be like watching paint dry. Slowwwwwwww.

After painful progress with 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn I am now crunching through it at a comfortable pace again. Spent 3 hours today hunting artwork and artists. Brain spin.

PR / Marketing the new novel and the previous 8 novels still takes up a scary amount of time every day.

Feedback on Oakfield has been very good. You can still grab it on Kindle for 99p or $1.47, offer ends 5th April. And you don’t need a Kindle device to read it, just use their free online reading gizmo.

The Hollywood screenwriter is doing his thing. He’ll be writing the movie late this summer.

Got some public appearances coming up. Frome Sci Fi event in July and Horror Con in October. More on those as the date looms.

I need to pull my thumb out / find another 4 hours in the day, to start ball rolling on the Tales of Survival & Horror – short story collection. John Houlihan (CVG & Trellborg Monstrosities) has accepted the role as editor in chief and is now chomping at the bit for me to start the call for submissions. Watch this space if you’re interested in submitting stories writing within the Yellow Dawn universe.

Also working on 5 x 250 word pieces for the Future Way project. A follow on from the very successful Bristol Story Trail concept. https://bristolstorytrail.wordpress.com/future-way-call-fo…/

Lots going on.



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