Surreal Imagery: The Drowning Princess

A young woman embraces the fantasy of crossing the threshold between life and death, flesh and a dream-like dimension

Valentina Lobeira in “Drowning Princess photo Jvdas Berra

Drowning Princess by Jvdas Berra – all rights reserved

It could be a scene from an H.P.Lovecraft adaptation – he wasn’t all about Cyclopean temples and slithering tentacles. A young woman comes across a book or a piece of jewellery that fills her waking hours with a growing sense of the ocean. A smell of brine and ozone.  The melodic, ambient calls of deep diving mammals.  Wall shuddering boom of the distant surf pounding a dimensional boundary.  Awareness of muscular, bipedal figures gently drifting amongst the shadows between fading sunbeams, their webbed hands churning up eddies of silt.  A kaleidoscope of fish zipping back and forth, glittering with reflected flashes in the dark. One night the boundaries break and her local reality is flooded by the tide of new desires.  She closes her eyes as her chest swells, calming the initial panic, knowing that this is merely the price of crossing…

What happens next could be dream or pure nightmare.

Great image by Jvdas Berra, super-talented photographer with transatlantic blend of Mexican and Italian blood in his veins. His work has featured in Vogue, ELLE, Nylon, Marie Claire, Image Amplified, Vanidades, Photography Master Class, and NatGeo. To add to his skill list he’s even written several science fiction novels.  More about Berra here:


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