Introducing Lincoln Farish

Lincoln Farish has launched his first novel Junior Inquisitor

Military veteran and private defense contractor Lincoln Farish has turned his skills to writing.  In the first novel of the Inquisitor series, Brother Sebastian fights his way through Providence, Rhode Island, and sinks in a den of witches, werewolves, and ogres.  Modern day sorcery with firearms.

Junior inquisitor (Inquisitor Series Book 1) by horror author Lincoln Farish

What happens when people are suddenly able to wield magic? This novel is more urban fiction than horror – although there are dark forces at work, and Evil is manifest.

So far on Amazon it has 5* with 21 reviews. The book is doing well.

Contact Lincoln Farish via Twitter @LincolnFarish

You can buy Junior Inquisitor at the following outlets:

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