Great Old One Rising – Mysterious Effigy Appears in Wilderness and Set Ablaze

Burning Man regional event in the Tankwa Karoo – Africa

Daniel Popper created this incredible effigy for Afrikaburn 2014. Viewed out of context they should strike chords with any fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. This is could be straight out of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Although if you’re more Indiana than Ithiqua I suppose you could see it through the lens of the Temple of Doom.

daniel popper Afrikaburn - wicker man effigy set on fire

Afrikaburn – wicker man effigy  – Daniel Popper

“I saw a shadow rise up from the darkness, a figure larger than any mountain and moving with the guile of a horrible intelligence. Shrieks erupted from the throats of those who had summoned it, half-crazed with joy but I could hear the fear through all the madness. My own heart became as cold as the wastes of Kadath.  I tried not to shake, whimper or cry aloud. For I knew that in the next few moments these fools would feed me to the monster now stalking near…”

daniel popper installation Afrika Burn photo by Berend Maarsingh

Daniel Popper // Afrika Burn // photo by Berend Maarsingh

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