Personal Blog: a list as long as my arm

¦ Dialling in… ¦

Wednesday.  A glimpse of blue sky and that strong sun that blazes in low from a winter/spring horizon.  Sitting in the Boston Tea Party cafe on Park Street working through a list of tasks as long as my arm.  Calendar is getting busy with sci-fi / horror events where I am making appearances.

Have to write press releases for the new novel Oakfield and reach out to media contacts. And organise a launch party. Some time in April.  Also need to start PR machine for the upcoming call-for-submissions for a collection of short stories based in the world of Yellow Dawn. John Houlihan has confirmed as editor-in-chief for this.  If you’re interested, then read the intro pack on the world of Yellow Dawn and wait for the brief to come out with instructions for submitting.  Working title is “Tales of Survival and Horror”. Post-apocalyptic flavour with a mix of stories featuring pure grit characters or Mythos monsters.

Also working on script for a viral video for Yellow Dawn idea and following the progress of the Hollywood guy who plans to write a movie this summer.

All this on top of doing the “day job” of writing the 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn.  Going through version 2.5 and adapting it to work with Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, I am currently on page 137 of 355 and 7 weeks into the project. Aim to have the first draft ready by July, but there is going to be a long tail waiting for all the artwork to come in and then going through editorial with Modiphius and Mike Mason at Chaosium.

I had a message from Japan over the weekend. Editor of a Lovecraftian fanzine that commissioned me to write a piece last year – due for publication this Spring. Very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

Finally managed to talk to my sister yesterday. She’s been gone 7 weeks and recently got stuck in Nepal, trying to get to Italy, after a jet from Turkish Airlines crash landed. Thankfully nobody seriously injured.  Sister eventually got to Istanbul and we managed some talk time.  She’s got an amazing adventure lined up.  Now in Italy. So I’m planning to fly out and meet her at some point this year but no idea where yet, it’s like aiming a sight at a moving target.

So, new novel. Oakfield. Help boost the signal!

Oakfield a good sci fi book to read by David J Rodger bringing horror and monsters of Cthulhu Mythos to Cornwall England

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For more details about the novel click here.

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