OAKFIELD: 9th Novel Holds a Special Place in my History

Oakfield is a new science fiction horror novel and good book to read by David J Rodger

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SO I did a soft launch for my new novel on Friday. Oakfield. It’s my 9th book and probably the most important one to me. Reason: it took me 25 years to write and symbolises the completion of that early dream to become an author.

The Amazon shopping links went live yesterday, following Kindle and LULU books so here’s the commercial bit – you can buy the book now from any of these:

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Oakfield - sneak preview of novel cover of new release by science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

Paperback & Kindle


James Spaulding, recently deceased after military action, finds himself in a new body courtesy of top grade medical cover. But physical miracles don’t always heal the mind.  Traumatised by his experiences, he accepts an invitation from his sister to spend time at a remote house in Cornwall, England.

Annabella Spaulding has inherited an extraordinary property from their estranged grandfather. A man neither has seen since childhood.  Taking her husband and two brothers with her, Annabella seeks to heal the painful rifts between them.

But when owners of a local mine show an unhealthy interest in the property, it becomes worryingly apparent their grandfather may not have died from natural causes.  Monsters lurk in the quiet places. And they want to get into the house.

There is a great secret bound within the house, and digging through the clues to discover the truth James and his sister risk tearing down the walls of sanity and reality.



THE idea for the story was something I came up with in 1989 when I first sat down with the serious notion of becoming an author. Upshot, I was 19 and didn’t have the skills to tackle the story.  So I put the MS aside got on with learning my craft.  God Seed followed 7 years later and I’ve been going from strength to strength since then.

Skip forward in time. Several years ago I was in Cornwall and found myself at an incredible house, isolated by rugged landscape from everything and everyone.  The house struck me deeply because it was almost identical to the place I had envisaged as the setting for Oakfield.  I decided to revisit the original story idea and discovered it still very fresh in my mind. The idea had never gone away.

Oakfield has both feet planted firmly in the fibrous, tendril riddled soil of H.P.Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. A form of horror I find appealing because it is both chilling yet can be incredibly subtle.  You don’t have to be a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos or even know what it is to enjoy this work, in fact, it is a pleasure to discover it fresh.  Warning, this book contains monsters.  Lovecraft created some fantastic beasts to populate his pantheon of Outer Gods, Great Old Ones and Alien Races.   Many of them are so alien they’re impossible to describe never mind comprehend.  Which is a large part of the appeal.  These things defy rational explanation and lead to story lines that twist without apology towards oblivion.

There is hope in Oakfield.  It is a story of survival in the face of increasing peril. But there are victims as well as heroes.  It is this hope, and the struggle the characters go through that creates the tension of this novel.  It’s already been well received by early readers:


“Oakfield is a finely crafted near-future thriller of isolation and cosmic horror in the finest traditions of the Lovecraft Mythos”
– Chris Halliday


“Oakfield. Well done Sir! An excellent read, and another great achievement to add to your growing list. The characters are fully formed, the narrative is very well paced and the story follows a solid course. I very much like the unfolding nature of the mystery, like peeling layers of skin from an onion – this really engages the reader. The story does not wear it’s mystery on its sleeve, but keeps the reader guessing.”
– Dr Rob Lowe


“The quaint Cornwall I thought I knew, gone dark and sinister. Loved it!”
– Hagen Landsem


Green light: existing fans of the Cthulhu Mythos will be pleased to see some hallmarks of Lovecraft’s work in this book, but also an expansion of the Mythos – with ideas that are further explored in God Seed.

I started working on Oakfield mid-2013 and finished writing it summer 2014.  Editorial took place end of 2014.  Pre-launch copies went out to a few folks for a final sanity check and the feedback has been fantastic.

Sitting in my study (the Sky Bunker) at the top of the house, on a hill overlooking the edge of the city I now call my home, it’s a potent experience to hold the finished book in my hand.  Achievement of an early dream. Wish fulfillment.  Testament to the drive to deliver on an idea.

Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger with his new Cthulhu Mythos horror novel Oakfield

David J Rodger with Oakfield


Oakfield is available in paperback from LULU Books and Amazon Books, and in Kindle format too.  The book is being described as one of my best pieces of work to date. Shop now and see what you think of it.

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2 thoughts on “OAKFIELD: 9th Novel Holds a Special Place in my History

  1. That is a FANTASTIC piece of advertising art, David.You should get whoever did that to work up some pieces for the earlier books.

    Good news: Just bought the Kindle version.
    Bad news: At work, can’t start it until tonite!


    Chris Sheehy

    • Hi Chris, glad you like it. That was me. I did a few for Oakfield. I’ll defo knock up a few more for the other books as you suggest.

      Yay to getting a copy of Oakfield. :o) Life’s always better when you’ve got something to look forward to. Let me know how you get on. And thanks for your continued support and nudges.


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