An Introduction to Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur

Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur RPG - a world of survival and Lovecraftian horror and setting for post apocalypse books by David J Rodger

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With Chaosium giving the green light for a deal between myself and a UK games publisher for a 3rd edition of YELLOW DAWN,  work is now in full swing (launch date likely to be 2016).  The deal will involves bringing in more artwork and adapting the current version to work with the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu system – allowing CoC players to drop their scenarios into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels and game-world.

There is a growing interest in YELLOW DAWN, both as an RPG setting and from authors wanting to get involved by writing stories placed within the framework of the Yellow Dawn world.  I’ve also had a Hollywood screenwriter approach me proposing to write a movie based Yellow Dawn.

I’ve put together an “Introduction to Yellow Dawn” for folks who want to get a flavour of the game as a setting and a launch pad for new stories.  You can download it here.

Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur Introduction Pack - example of the world as an role-playing game setting and framework for new fiction stories

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You Can Visit the Official Yellow Dawn Web Page by Clicking Here


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