A movie that explores the very idea of consciousness as a mirror reflecting our humanity or lack of it

My girlfriend hated it. I thought it was good. Another piece of hot cyberpunk action with a core of emotional intelligence from writer, producer and director Neill Blomkamp.

It has the street gang mentality of Elysium and the “things parody humans” vibe of District 9.

Some nice nods to Robocop (original). The musical score has hallmarks of Terminator towards the end.

There’s a Hollywood veneer with Hugh Jackman’s character but a conversely interesting nod towards the cynical idea of big corporations running beta tests of this kind of self-aware hardware far away from Europe, Japan and the US: what’s that say about the value of human life versus the risk of liability in specific regions. Think UTOC.  Think Iron Man Project (the novel).

If you like Blomkamp’s work then you’ll like this.

It’s not a “deep” movie. It wears itself on its sleeve and you are looking at the idea Shelly was exploring with Frankenstein cooked in a microwave.  There’s explosions and gunfire and out-the-box tricks for tugging on human emotions.  And it treats the technology behind robotics and mind-recording with a glib plug-and-play attitude, expecting you as the viewer to just suck it and like the taste. In the same way that there are silver rocket ships streaking across the sky in Philip K. Dick’s novel Man In A High Castle,  accept it and slide along within the story.

It’s Cyberpunk.  Fast, glossy, fake dirt and dried-on blood.  Characters living out boosted-dreams with happy-colour guns, make-up and tattoos.  Big company small guy, nerd with a desire to circumvent the system and do something different.  Human. Machine. Interface. Interchange.  Blood. Money. Bullets.  Betrayal.

Sup your drink and grin at the screen.  Enjoy the movie.

CHAPPiE a movie by director writer producer Neill Blomkamp - fan review amazing sci fi technology that explores the very idea of consciousness as a mirror reflecting our humanity or lack of it

CHAPPiE Lives!


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