WiP: things a’cooking

Mission possible

Sun sun sun – I am singing that awesome track by Caribou. It’s beautiful up here in the Sky Bunker. Light flooding in. Still cold enough to require life support however.

You know, I spend every morning sitting in a rocking chair up here. *ponders this* I am turning into an old man. You should read rest of this post in faux grouchy aged-male voice.

But the rocking chair. Mug of coffee. Notepad. Review projects and ensure priorities are still true. Adjust. Set objectives for the day that tie into wider project objectives. Protect boundaries of time but with balance for things other than writing – like having a life :o)

Today. Marketing ahead. Running the business. The fun stuff. The adrenaline buzz. Then video call with chap I have secured as editor in chief for “Tales of Survival and Horror” – going to flesh out the plan. More details soon. And an invite to take part.

I need to finish this Yellow Dawn intro pack pronto this week. Rest of afternoon is 3rd edition. Still deep into the character creation chapter. Fiddly stuff, making YD work with CoC7e. Feel like I’m having fun though.



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