Personal Blog: Return of the Mood (Almost)

Dialling in from the Sky Bunker

A biting cold day.  White sun.  But I have life support blowing warm air across my lower legs.  It’s been a long morning already. Productive. All hail polyphasic sleep.

I’m deep into the re-write of Yellow Dawn, working on 3rd edition but also have to keep my other plates spinning – all the novels to date, selling, exploring new markets, finding new eyeballs who are looking for the books I write. The YD work started 6 weeks ago but I’ve been writing full-time now since June last year.  And sometimes reality goes a little sideways.  Days spent up here, drifting between where I work, my spare room next door (15/45 rule) and the kitchen two floors below for topping up coffee and tea.  If you stop and think about it, it’s a weird way of living.  But then, who is to say the 9 to 5 is any less strange?

Sanity restoration: step outside, head into the city, walk 3, 6 or 9 miles around the harbour. Bliss + thinking time.

Almost had a return of The Mood last month.

“That weird sensory cross-wires thing that I get in my brain every now and again is back. An all-pervading “smell” that doesn’t actually exist, but something that grows in strength and intensity and also resonates with an emotional chord – effecting and overwriting my mood.”

All the hallmarks for a return were there. The faint trace of the smell / emotion combo, lasting a few days but it never fully materialised. Strange. A shame. I like it when it happens, regardless of whatever that means about my brain.  Soundtrack to the recent period is the sublime Fin by John Talabot. Enjoy

Review from Pitchfork:

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John Talabot – Fin



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