Horrors in the new wilderness – another sneak peek illustration for Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition

Werewolf or other beast by Axel Torvenius for post apocalypse and Cthulhu Mythos setting of Yellow Dawn

If you’re not aware about YELLOW DAWN – The Age of Hastur and what’s happening with it, then check out this informative post here.

horrors in the new wilderness - werewolf or other beast in-post-apocalyptic-cyberpunk-setting-of-yellow-dawn-the-age-of-hastur-by-david-j-rodger-all-rights-reserved

Beast in Wilderness – Yellow Dawn – All Rights Reserved

This is another illustration to come through from Axel Torvenius for the coming new edition of the RPG rulebook (3rd edition). It shows something pushing its way through the undergrowth to reach a figure standing calmly at the ready.  The question is: does the beast intend to murder a victim or has the figure summoned it?


Characters are not locked into any particular flavour of scenario. Yellow Dawn is a vast and flexible universe of story types – offering hard action or palm-sweating tension during long drawn out investigation.  Bandits roam the barren weed-choked roads of the Wilderness; corporate execs muster private armies of thugs or hire covert merc units to bully, coerce or kill risks to their profit margins; settlements expand through violence into aggressive empires; malevolent spirits and dark demons feed from the fear of survivors in remote and lonely places; and unspeakable monsters from the Outer Chaos threaten to slither into our world through the diabolical machinations of the Cthulhu Mythos.  It’s a taste of what is possible in this diverse setting.  Everywhere there are bad things happening to good people and opportunities for characters to get involved.”  – David J Rodger


Get a glimpse of the new Wilderness in this novel TODAY

Dog Eat Dog is a post-apocalyptic crime thriller set in the shared universe of David J Rodger after the event called Yellow Dawn

Available in paperback and Kindle formats

Dog Eat Dog

By David J Rodger


A monster of a book! Packed with action, compelling in its attention to detail and pace, and horror scenes that will leave your heart pounding




“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake


“…a modern noir style mixed in with a heavy dose of brutal action adventure!” – Reflexiones Finales on Dog Eat Dog


David J Rodger’s vision of a post-apocalyptic world was given an opening on an epic scale with the hugely popular hit Dog Eat Dog. It is the first of three separate and unrelated books that occupy the shared universe of Yellow Dawn, sitting alongside successful, eerily haunting The Black Lake and the tense, slow-burning thriller of The Social Club.

In the wake of a cataclysmic event ten years ago (Yellow Dawn), Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira are two survivors, both hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. One provides services of violence and protection for powerful corporate criminals in the Living City of New York; the other is a renegade intelligence agent forever running from the demons of his past. Both men are strangers until events bring them face to face in a bloody confrontation.

Complex politics, private armies, corruption and murder on a shocking scale this book spins from the ruins of Europe to the desperate heartland of a fragmented America. The size of the story is vast but the focus is tightly entwined around the raging emotions of these two men. Will they work together or will bitter rivalry lead to their destruction? Meanwhile something terrible has stepped into the new shadows of the darkened Earth. A chilling horror from beyond the stars and it has its own plans for Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira.



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