WiP: YD3e

Mission Possible

It’s blowing a gale outside with rain lashing against the glass canopy of the Sky Bunker beside my head. Working on marketing.

Then review of artwork / briefs for YD3e, commissioning more images. 3rd edition is going to take up bulk of day.

Getting deep into chapter on Character Creation; the merge with Coc7e means adding example skills to Yellow Dawn occupations, and mapping rules for Credit Rating onto income / lifestyle guidelines.

Before end of day nail some more of the YD introduction pack.

Celebration: I’ve secured an editor-in-chief for “Tales of Survival and Horror.” More on that end of this week as the project evolves – it’s to give other authors a platform for their work (with revenue share), an expansion of he YD universe (within my vision but taking it further through different eyes) and raising profile of YD prior to launch of the 3rd Edition game and my man in Hollywood pitching the script he’ll be writing this summer.



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