WiP: The wider world of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur

Mission Possible

Having fun with marketing this morning. Tweaking the tactics. Late morning need to start work on an “intro to Yellow Dawn” which will update the existing webpage and draw attention to the fact Yellow Dawn is now more than an RPG but has become an entire world setting for books, short stories and a movie (idea).

Plans are afoot to run an anthology “Tales of Survival & Horror – in the world of Yellow Dawn” with invites to authors to get involved; I’ve been speaking to an editor with a view to recruit him as editor in chief for the project.

There’s an interview about my writing I need to respond to.

Rest of day will be YD3e. Now working on the chapter for “creating characters”. Lots of overlaps with existing CoC7e mechanics but I’m looking forward to reworking this one.. I think their Credit Rating system will work well in YD. Much simplification in end product. I am planning to keep occupational Rep and Hero Rank system, neither of which exist in CoC7e but I see YD as a game just as much about survival, as horror investigation. Survival needs a reward and giving players a hero track to follow helps towards this.

Enough waffle. Have a great day everyone.




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