Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Tech Today: Drones Come To The High Seas

Liquid Robotics’s Wave Glider: autonomous marine robots converting wave motion to propulsion

The Wave Glider SV3, created by California-based Liquid Robotics, is the first hybrid wave and solar propelled unmanned robot designed to head out on long ocean journeys to get to the data, where it’s happening.  Once there, the clever machine can determine if what it has found is interesting and report back via its integrated comms. Not only that, they can talk to each other via the Iridium network of satellites in orbit around the earth and work together in coordinated swarms.

The technology has a myriad of uses:

  • National Defense
  • Private Security
  • Oil + Gas
  • Science
  • Commercial

Certainly worthy of inclusion in a storyline if you’re reading this and you’re a writer.

A key plank to the machine’s ability to remain so autonomous is a proprietary cloud-based operating system called Regulus (designed for Liquid Robotics by Java creator James Gosling) that allows the SV3 robots to “dynamically” download software updates or new applications and to reconfigure a task plan while still out to sea.

Where this starts to really sail into the realm of science fiction and cyberpunk is the potential of new careers and technologies to launch from these machines.  It’s almost as if this is the nascent seed of my automated machine colonies and the Borgendrill Engima (where the machines became a lot more automated than expected).

So, change tac towards the future.

Think aquaculture. Vast fish farms out in the deep ocean. Then look at the people (for now) and machines (evolving) that will be out there to support this industry. Include gelweed farms and isolated sub-sea labs developing biotech that requires extreme pressure.

Think commercial forecasting. Buy yourself a fleet of SV3 robots or join a revenue share scheme and go target some aspect of the environment that has the potential for a significant economic impact.  Access to the data and the ability to sell such predictions could be big business.

Then start overlaying maps of different data. Location of global fish stocks. Shipping lanes.  Pollution hot-spots and their migration.  Thermal differentials and water quality, their shift within the mechanism that is driving the environment.

Some interesting concepts to consider in reality and especially for near future science fiction: cyberpunk gets its drysuit on!

Learn more about the Wave Glider SV3 and Liquid Robotics, just {click here}.


Liquid Robotics  Wave Glider SV3 Converting wave motion to propulsion - ocean drone 2

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider SV3 – ocean drone.


Borgendrill Enigma

Before it actually happened, most people assumed that true Artificial Intelligence would be the product of Humanity tinkering with computers.  The reality was an event known as the Borgendrill Enigma.

What caused the Singularity is still not clear.  Before B.E. every form of Artificial Intelligence put on the market by manufacturers was nothing more than clever computing, stuff that now is known as AI Emulation software.  After B.E. the Borgendrill computer network became self-aware.

Rumours began to filter through the scream-feeds and conspiracy blogs that Borgendrill had lost control of its network of autonomous machines and yet, all that happened was that the PR department stonewalled and the mining contracts were fulfilled without a blip.

Some time later, a raft of very impressive technological advancements came out of the Borgendrill Astro-Tech division; specifically in the fields of orbital-flight; constant-acceleration propulsion; and most significantly, SwiftlYte: which was faster-than-light communication.  This launched Borgendrill stock into the stratosphere and enabled Humanity to hurl itself ever deeper, and quicker, into Outer Space.  The vast city of New Tokyo, sprawling across Florida’s landmass, went into expansion over-drive.

Further rumours percolated, about the supposed deaths of the three original founders of Borgendrill years before all this happened: Elrik Johansen; Rolf Prommel, Sandip Jalzahar.  Especially when the body of Elrik Johansen, the father of the Borgendrill computer system, was found by Turkish authorities on a small island in the Sea of Marmara – five years after he had supposedly drowned in a yachting accident; he had been shot to death.  Nothing ever came to light about this, other than the fact the island was owned by Borgendrill, contained a lab complex, that Elrik Johansen had been living there during his absence, and that after the discovery of his death, the Borgendrill AI revealed itself openly to the world for the very first time.

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