Cthulhu Mythos, Really! Photo props for Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness

Collection of prop photos recreating events, people, and places from H. P. Lovecraft’s classic story At the Mountains of Madness

FROM PROPNOMICON: Curious devices, forbidden artifacts, mysterious creatures, and intriguing documents.

The ill-fated Miskatonic University Antarctic expedition of 1930 is regarded one of the greatest kept secrets of the 20th century.  With heavy air support and advanced (for the era) drilling gear to penetrate the ice, its numerous achievements have been quietly wrapped away whilst the expedition itself is more often remembered for the tragic fatalities that brought it to an end.  Fatalities that were so gruesome most academics simply refuse to consider what may have occurred out there, in those frighteningly remote and inhospitable peaks.  However, Propnomicon gained access to some of the documentary evidence about what happened, including journals, reports, and photographs.  And in true Lovecraftian fashion made replicas of what they witnessed.

At the Mountains of Madness photo set by Propnomicon

At the Mountains of Madness photo set by Propnomicon

Going clockwise from the 12 o’clock position the photos depict:

1. A picture taken from the aft camera mount of one of the expedition’s Dornier Wal aircraft of low mountains.

2. Shot taken from the forward camera mount on a Wal of another aircraft flying in formation.

3. The young Mr. Danforth posing in front of a plane.

4. One of the expedition’s teams of sled dogs transporting supplies.

5. Prof. Lake and an assistant taking solar fixes. The close proximity of the pole made regular solar and celestial readings a necessity for navigation.

6. One of the “Elder Things” outside the mouth of the underground chamber where it was discovered.

7. In the center, technicians check the engine of one of the expedition’s Dornier Wal aircraft.

collection of prop photos recreating events, people, and places from H P Lovecraft's classic story At the Mountains of Madness by Propnomicon

At the Mountains of Madness photo set by Propnomicon


Again, starting from the 12 o’clock position:

1. A Wal undergoing tests in the open water off the Ross ice shelf.

2. An “Elder Thing” eye stalk being examined during Prof. Lake’s dissection attempt.

3. Sled dogs pulling a sledge containing part of Pabodie’s portable drilling rig. Portable, in this case, being relative.

4. Supplies being offloaded from the “Arkham” at the edge of the ice shelf.

5. A shot taken from one of the Wal camera mounts of the strangely regular shapes or structures seen clinging to some of the peaks in the Antarctic interior.

6. Center, Prof. William Dyer relaxing on deck during the journey south.



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