Personal blog: Jan – Feb 2015

Time to stop and look around

creativity is just a sip away - black and white photoshop image coffee cup for artists and writers

Creativity is just a sip away

It’s a Monday, just past noon. I’m sitting in a cafe with damp trousers. The gentle blow of warm air from a vent in the low ceiling above me is slowly drying them out. I don’t mind. I kind of planned to get wet.

Strange morning. Low mojo. Some self-doubt. I mean, there’s just me and day after day, month after month, working on fictional ideas to bring them into a physical state, something real that people buy and enjoy.  It’s a weird way to exist.  Usually I am loving it, especially last few weeks with so many positive things happening, external influences bringing on a lift to a new level. But sometimes it is hard to rationalise. Anyway, I knew what was going on inside my head so thought fuck it. Dragged on some tramping clothes and headed out into the rain.

Harbourside. Very low sky, almost black with storm cloud.  A mix of hailstones followed by rain. Sunlight and blue sky for a few minutes before the next front sweeps in. I’ve got my kagoogal on and a heavy-duty snood pulled right up over my nose. Hooded top sealing in the back and sides of my head. Bring it on. 6 miles later my trousers are soaking and leaking water into the tops of my boots but I’ve got that flood of good feeling from doing something physical. When you walk you don’t need to do anything but think, and sometimes not even that.

Cafe. Big mug of hot chocolate.  I’ve got my leather-bound Santiago notebook at hand.  And I have the hardback copy of Yellow Dawn 2.5 with me, my working copy, for planning the next chunk as I complete the 3rd edition. I’m looking down the barrel of another 3 months solid work to finish it, not including time securing artwork, nailing a new layout (or replicating the existing one?) and completing an editorial review phase with Modiphius (Chris) and Chaosium (Mike).  Product launch isn’t due until early 2016 but I find it hard not to work to tough deadlines: it gets things done, and then you’re free to move on.

Last couple weeks have been a steep learning curve on some new aspects of writing.  As more and more interest grows in my science fiction, horror and post-apocalypse work, I’m looking to increase conversions.  Turning people who are merely here to research what I’m doing into people who want to shop.  A fresh review of my keyword strategy turned up an interesting absence. The word “book”. Go figure.  *daft smile*  I’ve been beefing up my CTAs and looking into the anatomy of sales pages.  It’s interesting what you find missing when you scrape through every line of code and copy in your online assets. There’s always an opportunity to sharpen the focus, lead with benefits rather than features. End of the day it comes down to this: my name is David J Rodger, I write Science Fiction Dark Fantasy novels, it is hard to find good books to read, the author is secondary to the product, the reader is king and your passion for the genre means you kick ass,  you can shop here LULU books and here  Amazon books & Kindle.

Hmm. Mug empty. Sunlight is sloping in through a wall of glass.  Trousers now just…damp.  Time to crack on with some work here before heading back to the Sky Bunker.

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