Discover the QR codes revealing hidden fiction history of Bristol

Bristol, England: a city riding the edge of cyberpunk and dark fantasy

The Bristol Story Trail is Live NOW!

Follow @DoaSLiveFiction on Twitter or bookmark their blog There are physical cues and QR codes to flip your reality from the realspace of the city you know, to the fictional view of 12 amazing authors.

Back in 1993 when I was planning the novel God Seed, I discovered this fantastic alley plunging through a mass of World War II debris, bombed-out shells of buildings left over from the War.  Gas Ferry Road.  I decided to use it as the starting point for my novel.  Set in a science fiction near future (Cyberpunk), I envisioned how the area might become developed.

Now, 22 years later, there are still years to go before we catch up with time period of the book, but it’s rather pleasing to see my “future vision” wasn’t far off.

The Bristol Story Trail has 12 secret threads of fiction woven into digital fabric of Bristol. They’ve placed QR codes around the city that flip a user into the hidden digital reality surrounding each location.

Here’s the one for God Seed.

Gas Ferry Road holds a QR code to give access to secret layer of fictional reality about the area - Digital Space merges with the Physical - features God Seed by David J Rodger

Gas Ferry Road in Bristol features a hidden fictional history

QR code reveals secret fiction history of Gas Ferry Road Bristol featuring science fiction cyberpunk thriller GOD SEED by David J Rodger

Unlock the hidden history

Sci-fi cyberpunk Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger with first printed copy of God Seed featuring new cover designed by The Sprezz October 2014

David J Rodger GOD SEED

David J Rodger’s first novel God Seed has since been followed up by hit after hit (Dante’s Fool; Iron Man Project, Edge, Living in Flames), including a raft of books set in the same world after Yellow Dawn has happened (Dog Eat Dog; The Black Lake; The Social Club). But it’s here, in God Seed, that the foundations for an entire universe were laid down in a book written in 1996.

Adam Kyle is an acclaimed documentary film-maker riding a wave of success. Now he’s in England, embedded within a team of corporate mercenaries and looking to make the film of his career. The problem is the mercenaries are about to walk into a trap.

Kyle becomes a man on the run in a dark future.  He is forced to find his way in a world that begins to slip out focus towards the supernatural, and yet continue doing his job whilst a new story unfolds. Religion, dark magic and politics propel him into the black heart of a conspiracy born when old and idealistic men were young. Life, will never be the same again as the very fabric of existence begins to tear apart at the seams.



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