WiP: Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition + 9th Novel {tweaks}

Work in Progress

Yesterday marked 5 weeks working on the new 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn. Just finished chapter on Scavenging and pinged off to my review crew. Now working on the “Building Things” chapter and this has me looking at () What skills to keep and introduce to CoC players as new skills, and what skills I can merge into existing CoC skills. Also, with Yellow Dawn, the physics of the world run on the concepts of SP/DP. Mapping this onto CoC7e, I am keeping SP, and bringing in their concept of Build (for vehicles, monsters and characters) which I really like. That’s my next couple of days keeping busy.

Today I’m meeting Director of small production company to flesh out scripts for two very short viral video ideas that I’m hoping to nail this year. One is to promote Yellow Dawn and the other is, ideally, some tongue in ass-cheek fun to promote me generally. Bloody writers! Eh? We’ll see. Second idea might be a bag of spanners. If so I’ll bin it.

Feedback for the new novel Oakfield is reaching final phase. I sent out pre-launch copies to several folks. I have a meeting with one tomorrow to discuss, and the output of that will either be a launch for end of Feb or I’ll be writing in some changes near the end. The book has a powerful emotional load and the characters are coming off the page as very real people.  Some gut wrenching scenes, apparently – which is good news.

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