WiP: mapping Call of Cthulhu 7e into Yellow Dawn for Modiphius / Chaosium deal

Work in Progress

Busy few days getting into the gritty mechanics of YD2.5, pulling it all apart and rebuilding with the smooth components of CoC7e to create a new version of YD (3rd edition) that is going to be sublime. I am seriously excited. Finished travel and wilderness exploration chapter, and just finished Dead Cities chapter (now with review crew).

Have been getting feedback back on the new novel Oakfield from two of the preview team – very, very positive. One of my best yet (apparently). What’s really profound is hearing folks talking about these characters and plot points that I first conceived 25 years ago! 1989, Newcastle and a whole universe away. Now they’re really alive. Fantastic. Official launch may still sneak into February.

Some lovely email exchanges with the Hollywood guy. He’s getting his head into Lovecraft. Interesting to observe his excitement growing as he discovers this still relatively small mined seam of immense psychological horror. Also a chance he’ll be in London in August. There will be whisky hangovers!

Oh, I was awake at 2.30 this morning. Polyphasic sleep bringing me up early. Found a big London lit agency has opened a small window for submissions. Boom, I was in there like a shot. Submitted EDGE. Had to write a synopsis for the entire novel on the fly. Distilling a whole book down to 2 pages. Nailed it. So fingers crossed eh? Looking to raise my game. London agent. Traditional publishing route for novels. It’s possible, right!

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