WiP: YD3e, Art Briefs, Viral Video, Kalinka

Work in Progress

Bloody amazing week, despite slow progress with Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition. I’m crunching through system mechanics at the moment, mapping them onto Call of Cthulhu 7th edition systems or leaving them as box-outs.

Today I finished working through feedback from review crew on The Changed and Carbons.

Have also clarified brief to my initial artist to join the YD3e project. Am looking forward to seeing his first bit of work. Have been writing artist briefs for the rulebook and also sent commission offers to several other artists, see what comes back.

With the potential Hollywood movie thing going on I am preparing to start ball rolling on social media campaign. So spent some time today writing a very short script for a viral video that aims to create a teaser. Got some freelance production people lined up (massive thanks!).  Have also approached a local actor – he recently played Moriarty in a theatre production of Sherlock Holmes here in Bristol. Hopefully he’ll jump in, otherwise I’m going to be out looking for local talent.

Spent this afternoon finishing a big edit on Kalinka, a short sci fi dark fantasy story I wrote back in 2013. It ties into several different plot threads that fans will enjoy spotting.  Click this link and have a read.  9,000 words so a decent chunk to enjoy. Oh, of interest, soundtrack to writing this stuff is some seriously electro psy-trance techno. Have a listen.

Now I’m working through next part of YD3e.  Binning my YD2.5e chase rules in favour of CoC7e which create a lot of potential for freeform narrative.

Meanwhile, the novels are doing very well with their new covers. Massive fanQ to Ben from London design duo The Sprezz for doing such an amazing job.

Good sci fi fan girl holds God Seed a cyberpunk dark fantasy action horror novel by David J Rodger available as online book or paperback book to read

Sci-fi Cthulhu Mythos fan girl holds God Seed by David J Rodger

You know everything about the Cthulhu Mythos and Science Fiction, right? Get envy. Get God Seed today!

God Seed a dark science fiction fantasy novel that blends Cyperpunk with Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger

Available in paperback or Kindle format

God Seed

By David J Rodger


A man on the run in a dark future




“A palpable hit. I read this twice in quick succession, both times getting goosebumps”


“A compact grenade of sharp tech ideas, (in)human fury, revenge, ancient bloodlines and chilling supernatural horror, all set to explode in your mind as it builds to its gruesome climax.”


Adam Kyle, acclaimed documentary film-maker, is in England, embedded within a group of corporate mercenaries. It’s to be yet another feather in his cap. But when the operation goes terribly wrong, Kyle finds himself battling for his life, his sanity, and maybe even his very soul as a new and dramatic story unfolds, dragging him across the globe…and beyond.

It isn’t just his documentary that is at stake, but the fate of every living thing in the Universe.




Available to buy in paperback from LULU Global

Available to buy in paperback from Amazon UK ¦ USA ¦ DE

Available to buy on Kindle UK ¦ USA ¦ DE




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