One of Bristol’s Best Story-Telling Events Reaches The End

Small Stories Wraps Up With Big Finale

Small Stories, run by Natalie Burns and Sian Wadsworth in  Bristol, was an exceptional story-telling event that ran from April last year.  Submissions were curated and both organisers always managed to deliver an excellent line-up of talent. I started participating late in the game. October 2014 but in that short time encountered a number of fantastic people and have walked away with a handful of new friends. Not bad for a few months.

Last night Natalie and Sian sadly announced this was the final chapter, bringing to an end a remarkable run of stories and story-tellers.  Many writers are just that, they write but don’t read. It has been great to encounter folks who enjoy doing both and to be counted as one among them.

Final chapter of Small Stories Bristol story-telling event featuring incredible talent of Nathan Williams, Pete Sutton and David J Rodger

Final chapter of Small Stories

Here’s the flyer for last night’s line-up. My favourites have to Nathan Williams with Californiphate – who managed to hold the room’s rapt attention for the duration, twenty minutes of a darkly humorous tale about a young PR consultant being recruited to give ISIS a better image. Pete Sutton with Hater and Christopher Fielden with Death of a Superhero were also stand out performances. But everyone who took part was way above par, making the whole night really something to remember. Very fitting for it being the last one.

I read Fast Love Die, a punchy cyberpunk short story. Click to link to grab a FREE copy of the PDF.

So thank you, to Sian and to Natalie, for providing such a wonderful platform for Bristol talent.

Natalie Burns and Sian Wadsworth who run and organise Small Stories a monthly event for Bristol writers

Natalie Burns and Sian Wadsworth

If you’re a Bristol writer or enjoyer of stories being told and you’re wondering where to take part, then get yourself to  Let Me Tell You a Story Jack (open mic night for story-tellers), another exceptionally well run showcase Bristol’s hothouse of creative talent.

That’s it!

New to David J Rodger?

8 novels and creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. Excellent reviews. Supported by Bristol Fantasy & Sci-Fi Society. Short stories published UK, US, Canada and Japan.

“The best Sci-fi I have read in 10 years”Floyd Hayes, former Creative Director Cunning (US).

“Atmospheric & Creepy”The Guardian

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