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In the Face of Cyberpunk Technology and Post-Apocalyptic Doom, David J Rodger reviews the demons, monsters and horror action in his best Sci Fi Books

I recently read a Guardian article about Dylan Evans who some years ago quit his job to set up a post-apocalyptic commune. He went from working at one of the best robotics labs in the world to eking out an existence in the Scottish Highlands with a small group of followers. It didn’t end well. And possibly, it didn’t start well.  The end result. Malnutrition. Mental health issues. Degrading social bonds.

An interesting piece and worth a read. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts about what could have been done better.  Especially from the point-of-view of post-apocalypse novels, where we authors have created functioning survivor settlements and Living Cities. Maladjusted, dangerous, but thriving.  Is this just pure imagination… day-dreaming in the realm of science fiction? Dylan Evans complained about the fact that they kept popping down to the local supermarket to top-up supplies… What happens 10 years after the post-apocalyptic event when anything lingering in an abandoned supermarket has already been scavenged or no longer useable?

For your interest, here are three good books, post-apocalyptic, with monsters and survivors, available as paperback book or online book.

Dog Eat Dog is a post-apocalyptic crime thriller set in the shared universe of David J Rodger after the event called Yellow DawnThe Black Lake by David J Rodger a science fiction dark fantasy horror story that blends post-apocalypse with Cthulhu MythosThe Social Club - A Yellow Dawn Novel by British Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger - a thriller set in post-apocalyptic London .






In Dog Eat Dog, New York and New Tokyo continue to exist, fully functioning, bristling with corporate and criminal activity; in The Black Lake, the launch pad for a scientific expedition is the island nation of Malta, and in The Social Club, a post-apocalyptic version of London struggles to maintain its existence as corruption eats away the heart of the original leadership.  Yet surrounding all of these stories is a nameless horror seeping down from beyond distant stars, avatars of an Outer Chaos heralding the return of the Great Old Ones.

Roll back the doom clock a couple decades and we slip uneasily into the Cyberpunk era. That’s almost now, in fact. Just around the corner of the singularity that will come with the merging technologies of new materials, artificial intelligence (aka alternative intelligence or machine intelligence) and robotics. Say goodbye to the world as you know it.  Here is a foreshadow of things to come.

Speculative: The Future in Business and War As large governmental bodies, like the military employ consultants from the private sector to improve efficiency (in administration, procurement and service delivery), and as corporate culture seeps ever deeper into the marrow of our daily work lives, I cast my mind a little bit ahead.  Read more…

Biopunks, Grinders and Synthetic Biology The Future is all Light & Living Wires. Read more…

When bio-engineering swarms into the wild, corporations will create a new career path: Aesthetic Synthology  Building something living and functional isn’t going to cut the mustard with consumers – these things are going to need to be beautiful too. Read more…

Musician and model amputates leg for better mobility and reaches towards stardom Viktoria Modesta: The Lady Madonna Gaga of Cybernetic Pop Culture. Read more…

Cyberpunk art ¦ future fashion or post-apocalyptic decadence Photography by Danil Golovkin. Read more…

Dijims, fusion of innovative photography, digital design and virt engineeringIn the realm of cyberspace, everyone wears a mask”- Adam Kyle, Netwerk Zero. Read more…

I have written five novels that occupy the frame of science fiction cyberpunk; weaving supernatural horror and the Cthulhu Mythos into the best-selling action thriller genre. These books have been compared to Stephen King and Robert Ludlum and if you’re into either of these I bet you kick-ass as fan of this kind of work.  I would expect you’ll find all of these of interest.

God Seed a dark science fiction fantasy novel that blends Cyperpunk with Cthulhu Mythos by David J RodgerDantes Fool a supernatural science fiction crime thriller novel by David J RodgerIron Man Project a science fiction cyberpunk thriller by David J RodgerBest thriller in science fiction dark fantasy category - EDGE by David J RodgerLiving in Flames a science fiction dark fantasy novel set in Bristol expanding the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger








Sweeping back to Bristol boy Dylan Evans and the post-apocalypse, you can buy his book The Utopia Experiment published by Picador on 12 February at £14.99. To order a copy for £11.99, go to Here are some terms and definitions from him:

Boomer Someone who thinks that technological progress will continue indefinitely and make us all richer and happier.

Catastrophism The belief that the world is heading towards an economic, environmental, social or spiritual collapse, and a new and better world will emerge from the ashes of the old one.

Cornucopian See boomer.

Declinism The belief that things are getting worse, compared to a former Golden Age. Popular candidates for the start of this decline include the Industrial Revolution (romanticism) and the birth of agriculture (primitivism).

Doomer Someone who believes catastrophe is imminent, and that civilisation will collapse.

Millennialism The belief that the imperfect world we live in will soon be destroyed and replaced with a better one.

Prepper Someone who is actively preparing for a disaster by stocking up on food and other items. The disaster could be anything from an extended power cut to a global catastrophe; some preppers are preparing for a relatively small disaster. Primitivism The belief that modern civilisation makes people unhappy, and that the cure lies in returning to a more simple life.

Rewilding The process of reversing human domestication by relearning primitive skills such as hunting and gathering.

Survivalist Someone who is stocking up so they can survive. Unlike preppers, they tend to think the disaster will be global, or national at the least.

Transhumanist Someone who hopes that future developments in technology will radically transform human nature for the better.

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