WiP: It’s all about the game right now

Work in Progress

Rain light and sunshine spilling out the sky. Moody atmosphere today. I like it. Even the biting cold. Makes the cafe at the end of the 3 mile walk around harbour something to look forward to.  Hot chocolate and a comfy armchair looking out over the water. Day off today. No computer. No writing. Just me and a book and some thought rolling around my head. Oh and a hangover. Did the walk twice in the end. 6 miles. Nice.

It’s been another productive week. Deep into Chapter 6 of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, writing the 3rd edition. Major overhaul of the systems for travelling through post-apocalyptic wilderness and survival. I’m enjoying mapping the ideas on CoC 7e mechanics. For me it’s all about simplifying the dice rolls. Reducing the overhead. Letting the story unfold with minimal pauses to look at a rulebook.

3rd Edition artwork – I’ve scored one artist so far, another starting in March, am waiting for my first brief to come back with a finished image (FABIAN logo and FABIAN troopers + dead machines).

Talking about timescales with publisher who plans to launch Yellow Dawn 3e. I’m looking at November to have something ready for sign-off. They’re cool with that.

Yellow Dawn “The Movie” proposal is taking shape. Have a second meeting with screenwriter next week with view to agreeing outline plot. Have spoken to friends in the industry and this has potential to be a really good deal.

Am suffering delay on the final sanity check for the new novel, Oakfield. Hope to have an update on launch date next week.

Have been playing with a new short story Hybo SYN during moments of downtime. Is gradually taking shape into a grand science fiction idea.  Very pleased.  And weirdly, I may be able to wrap it around the origins of the Borgendrill Enigma and the birth of true AI within my fictional universe. We’ll see. Nice if I can do that though. Those of you who follow my work know how much I like everything to link together, thin threads of connection that weave between different novels and short stories.

Oh, and LULU are offering 15% discount on my paperbacks – including the Yellow Dawn rulebook. That’s a good reason to be happy. Save on the cost of your shopping basket with code PRINTME. Just use the code at online checkout: click link, shop now and save! Offer ends 2nd February.

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