Another damned fine breakfast at Brigstow Lounge

Perfect presentation

Bristol breakfast poached eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough bread at Brigstow Lounge - photo David J Rodger

Breakfast at Brigstow Lounge – Photo David J Rodger

Another day at Brigstow Lounge. This place has become my de facto office for the last five months since I came back from travelling and knuckled down to writing again.

Currently working on a 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, my RPG that’s been picking up a lot of interest recently (publishing deal with UK entertainment company after green light from Chaosium, and conversations with a Hollywood screenwriter who considers the world of Yellow Dawn a fantastic movie opportunity).

Also prepping for launch of my new novel, Oakfield, due for launch very soon and following in the wake of 8 novels that span the near future science fiction thriller, into post-apocalyptic horror.

The food at Brigstow is always outstanding.  Breakfast this morning was particularly amazing. So good I had to snap this photo of it. Poached eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough bread.

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