WiP: Birth Pains of a Monster

Work in Progress

So I am working on re-writing Yellow Dawn for a 3rd edition. I am sitting with the GM book for CoC 7th edition and Achtung! Cthulhu, and picking through Yellow Dawn 2.5 with a view to producing something that will allow CoC players to drop seamlessly into YD.  This led to a major sense of humour failure yesterday.  But today I am starting to fall in love with the new CoC game mechanics. I feel like this is me stepping away from all the crunchy dice modifiers and highly detailed if / what if / go-to sub-routines I wrote into the original Yellow Dawn system. Leaving me free to develop more fluid narrative lines and giving player characters more freedom to think on their feet. Perhaps. We’ll see.

It does mean letting go of some parts of Yellow Dawn but I am viewing this through the lens of a refresh. Change is good, no matter how uncomfortable it can make you feel at the time it happens – or the loss of humour.

I took a walk around the harbour today to clear my head and only managed to make more work for myself but coming up with an entirely new short story idea: Hybo.  Ugh. I’ve noted it down and will file it away to write later.

Last few days have been a whirlwind of positive news.
I had a Hollywood screenwriter contact me last week to discuss the idea of writing a movie based on the world of Yellow Dawn. We had a video call on Friday. Great start and things are now in motion.  More news early Feb.

A Polish fan has started translating all my novels in his mother tongue. He’s starting with God Seed.

My new novel Oakfield is still going through the final sanity check – several folks have it in their hands to read and respond with green light or red flags before the official launch. I’m guessing February.

I’ve pinged out a new short story last week
The Howling Key

That’s on top of:
The Hotwells Horror
The Stones
– The Manuscript of Ub’izael (for anthology)

Just got recognised in a cafe by a potential new fan. That was surreal but flattering.  I’m guessing it was the cap (Digital Studio issue from the Holmes & Watson days).  Nice bloke with his wife and baby.  Chatted about my work and I handed him a copy of Dog Eat Dog which was sitting on the shelf along with my other novels.

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