Dang! Hollywood knocking on my door about the world of Yellow Dawn

Yellow Dawn – The Movie: could we see a Cthulhu Mythos apocalypse unleashed on mainstream?

Hollywood Screenwriter thinks Yellow Dawn would make a viable studio movie a new twist on post-apcoalypse

Bunker down: a Cthulhu Mythos Apocalypse is coming ¦ Image – Svolvaer, Arctic Circle, by David J Rodger

Very exciting news:  Early last week I was contacted by a Hollywood screenwriter interested in the concept of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. We had a video call yesterday.  “It has legs,” he told me; “It’s an established world with fans and brings a radical new slant to the apocalyptic theme.”

During the call we fleshed out terms of agreement, then I talked him through all the USPs of Yellow Dawn as a global setting.  Ingredients, if you like, that we could work on together, selecting the most appropriate for studio taste in order to come up with a movie recipe. We broke the movie idea down into three parts and now have a general idea for the first and second parts. We’re doing another video call in a couple of weeks to nail down the third part, the ending. Then we’ll come up with a 2 page treatment.  He’s busy with other scripts at the moment so due to start writing the Yellow Dawn movie summer 2015. Then he starts pitching in LA. Ding dong!

Watch this blog or my Facebook page for updates.

It’s been a good month for Yellow Dawn. This news is on the back of  Chaosium Giving Green Light for Yellow Dawn Publishing Deal. Work now underway to write a 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn RPG adapting it to be used with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu – allowing CoC players to drop their scenarios into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels.

Don’t wait for the movie to discover the amazing thrills of Yellow Dawn. Buy the novels today!

Dog Eat Dog is a post-apocalyptic crime thriller set in the shared universe of David J Rodger after the event called Yellow DawnThe Black Lake by David J Rodger a science fiction dark fantasy horror story that blends post-apocalypse with Cthulhu MythosThe Social Club - A Yellow Dawn Novel by British Science Fiction Dark Fantasy Author David J Rodger - a thriller set in post-apocalyptic London .







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