Drew Avera Delivers a Paranormal Sci-fi Hit in his Short Story Soul Match

Death Will Test Your Faith

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Soul Match a paranormal science fiction short story by Drew Avera

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Drew Avera is an active duty US Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. He grew up in rural Mississippi before joining the military at age seventeen. He now lives in Virginia with his wife and kids.

Background to the Story

Drew Avera science fiction author

Drew Avera

About a year ago a close family friend (on my wife’s side) was murdered. His name was Donald May and he spent most of his life serving his country as a Navy Seal and after retiring he went into law enforcement. Now, I don’t want to get into the specifics, especially since the judicial system has not concluded on the case, but suffice it to say he was a close friend and his death had an impact on my family.

Being in the Navy myself I felt a kinship with him and I wanted to honor his life by dedicating a story to him. That story became SoulMatch. SoulMatch is a story about a distant planet where humans and the native lifeforms are in the midst of a civil war. Over several centuries humans and those natives have bred together and created a hybrid race. This is a story about faith, in ourselves and in there being a divine higher power.

Rest in peace, Donald May

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