WiP: The Howling Key, Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition…

Work in Progress

Currently writing new short story, The Howling Key. Flowing much easier now after a really grueling start, making it probably the hardest story I’ve ever tried writing. During the planning stage I ended up walking 21 miles in three days – deep thought – and called upon the minds of four separate people to discuss plot points and issues.

New novel, Oakfield, is now sitting with several people who are the final sanity check before I go into launch mode. One of them brought his copy with him to a cafe yesterday, where I had a chance to see it for the first time. Weird, to have this one in my hands, because it’s a story that’s taken me 25 years to write – and here it is, a real thing now. Launch details and party soon.

Yellow Dawn 3rd Edition. You may / may not know that Chaosium who publish Call of Cthulhu have given me the green light to proceed on a deal with a UK games publisher, producing an updated version of Yellow Dawn that ties into CoC 7th edition. Now in the process of commissioning artwork and scoping out where I need to change stuff, where I can cut items out entirely (to avoid duplication / conflict with core CoC stuff). In the meantime, I was supplied a copy of Chaosium’s 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu, thanks to a $30 gift from a fan (you know who you are)!!! Amazing feeling of support coming through for this project.

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