See my editor between the book covers

Miss G, bitch with the red pen, unwinds after working on my new Science Fiction Dark Fantasy novel

Miss G - editor for science fiction cyberpunk and dark fantasy author David J Rodger - aka bitch with the red pen

Miss G – bitch with the red pen

Miss G has been my editor for the last 13 years. She recently finished work on my latest novel Oakfield, which is due for release soon. You can grab a sneak peek at the cover and read a few words about it by clicking here.

Thanks to Neill Meneer for the awesome photography work.

She has also worked on the previous 8 novels:


New to David J Rodger?

9 Science Fiction Dark Fantasy novels and creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. Excellent reviews. Written non-fiction for magazines such as SFX. Short stories published UK, US, Canada and Japan.

“The best Sci-fi I have read in 10 years”Floyd Hayes, former Creative Director Cunning (US).

“Atmospheric & Creepy”The Guardian


Got Kindle?

I’ve also reduced the price of my products on Amazon Kindle for the duration of this special offer. Choice of currencies available, $ US Dollars; or £ GB Pounds, or the Euro.



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