SNIP: So that was Christmas



After Christmas…

Hope everyone had a lovely time during the festive period. I had that rare, once a year treat, of spending two days on somebody’s sofa doing nothing but reading books. Did do “some” writing. Spent part of one morning finishing off The Howling Key, a short story I started… what feels like forever ago… two weeks? And is without doubt the hardest thing I have ever written. Will do a little polishing and then lay it down ready to become part of the new collection I am working on; a follow-up to the very popular Songs of Spheres I released back in 2012.  Have yourselves a fun-filled New Year’s Eve. Hope the hangover doesn’t waste too much of 2015  :)

PS: New novel “Oakfield” should be out early 2015.  Watch this space for updates and news on the launch party (Bristol).


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