Photo log: A Magical Moment in Time

Last session of Yellow Dawn for 2014 and appreciation of the venue the game group has acquired

Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur a role-playing game written by thriller and science fiction dark fantasy author David J Rodger

Playing Yellow Dawn by firelight – Table 18

The last session of Yellow Dawn in 2014. A genuinely evocative moment in time. Walked into the pub I’ve been using for YD for the past 7 months and thought, wow, this is brilliant, what we’ve got going here. A real log fire flooding the room we use with heat and cosy light. Several large leather sofas; a low, wide table. The pub reserves this room for us on Tuesday nights as we’ve been rocking up every week: so no need to worry about not getting the room to ourselves.

Which is great because it is such a fab little gem of a place to spend an evening, never mind a perfect venue for role-playing – very central, easy for everyone to get to, food and drink on tap, and quiet enough that I can shape the atmosphere of the room, using the spoken word to build up pictures in the minds of the players… once we start a session, the room itself almost vanishes from view. The reality shifts and everyone becomes immersed in the fictional location we’re all occupying in our heads.

At the end of the session we packed away the books and then stayed where we were, enjoying the heat of the fire. It will be a few weeks before we pick up the story again. 2015. Nice to just sit there supping drinks and chatting.

It’s been a great year for Yellow Dawn. The shift from playing once every 5 or 6 weeks to every week instead – giving everyone a chance to really explore their characters (time rich) rather than the previously limited time meaning there was always a pressure to move on, to reach conclusions. Two new players, both of whom had never touched RPG before, just showing how easily you can pick role-playing up: a great way to enhance your social life. Plus the recent news about a potential commercial deal on the horizon for the game itself.



Role playing game - Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur - post-apocalyptic horror investigation and survival in the sci-fi dark fantasy universe of British author David J RodgerYellow Dawn The Age of Hastur RPG - Special Edition Hardback.

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