Personal Blog: in a writing groove

¦ dialling in… ¦

And. Relax.

Supping a coffee freshly brewed on my stove top espresso maker aka the octagonal coffee God. Seems like ages since I’ve just sat down and spilled out some words about where I am at.  Am in the Sky Bunker, red glow of the lava lamp on my desk has recently been joined by the eerie green bulb of a new spotlamp. Rather evocative.  Life support is humming away nearby, blowing warm air onto my feet. Tis cold in this big old house.

Easing into this “writing full-time” groove. Certainly a strange existence. After so many years in a tension-coiled career, this sudden shift has left my head spinning as aerofoils work to grapple with the giddy altitude, the stratosphere of existence when using all day every day to be creative.

Certainly a luxury.

Finishing mapping out four new novels during October / November, then moved on to working with my editor on Oakfield (9th novel). Just finished that, so will be doing a sneak preview of the novel cover soon, and announcing launch party dates some time in January.

Now working on a raft of new short stories, some from the block of ideas I had on Bainbridge Island (Seattle) back in 2002. Others from the recent trip to Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta and Sicily. And a handful from a mad 3 o’clock in the morning snap-awake when I had 4 story ideas crash into my head like gifts from the gods.

Some of these I am making available to read now. Such as The Stones: an original piece of Cthulhu Mythos fiction.

Not sure how long it will take me to get through them as I’ve had some great news regarding my role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, which ties together a proposed deal with a UK games publisher and a green light from Chaosium. Some work required there.  Meeting up with my A-team soon to discuss process of adapting YD to Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition – allowing CoC players to drop into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels and game-world.  Also means everyone who has been waiting for PDF versions of Yellow Dawn will finally get what they want, rather than killing a tree to buy it. Timescales way off at moment. So watch this space for updates.

Sales of my novels are up, up, up, way up this month. Can’t yet tell if it’s because of Christmas, or a result of all the hours I’ve been able to shovel into marketing and PR now that I am doing this day in day out as a job.

I ran Murder at Sharky Point on Thursday night. Done it a few times now. Always good fun but this time there was a public audience watching the players doing their thing. 6 comparative strangers, including some people I’ve only recently met through the internet or the story-telling circuit, facing each other against accusations of murder.  Having the audience guessing – whodunnit! – at the end, with each character standing up or sitting down as the votes tallied towards their arrest was really good.

Fun city.

Discovered William Orbit – the electronica god who gave the world Montok Point (YouTube) – put out a new album back in 2009: My Oracle Lives Uptown.  Just come across it now. Synchronicity, meant to be: soundtrack to some great moments that are unfolding right now.

Montok Point, and much of William Orbit’s early work was my soundtrack to last year’s road trip around the Arctic, Polar Circle, North of Norway, including the after midnight walk I did through the harbour of Svolvaer in the furnace light of the sun (it doesn’t get dark until September) – and discovered an eerie WW2 bunker sitting there on the jagged black rocks hanging off the shore. This became the single point of inspiration for Shadow of the Black Sun, a short story I wrote earlier this year when the editor of Dark Tales commissioned me to create something for their Achtung! Cthulhu universe – see press release here.

I also got to read an excerpt of Shadows of the Black Sun at the massive Dragonmeet convention in London, earlier this month. Great session and really lovely to meet some of the other authors who have work included in the collection. Faces to names. Plus took part in a pod cast with John Houlihan + writers, good conversation about the Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraft.

The month’s had a bit of a performance theme, on top of the Murder Mystery and Dragonmeet, I performed Cloudy Head at Small Stories. A short story that goes back to 1999 – 2001. It’s a spooky tale for kids but also works for adults who still have a child inside their imagination. More details about Cloudy Head here.

So that’s it. Busy, and seeing it all come together nicely.


# # #


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