Infographic Interview: Absolute Facts About Author Reveal Incredible Insight Into Writing

Matt Mayevsky -Analyst, Economist and Author – creates an infographic interview with David J Rodger creator of Yellow Dawn and the author of thrillers and horror in the near future

A very nice piece of work by Matt Mayevsky who carried out an interview with me last week.

David J Rodger Infographic Interview by Matt Mayevsky -Analyst, Economist, and  Author

About  Matt Mayevsky

Based in Berlin. Matt Mayevsky is a foresight analyst, economist, author, particularly involved in the field of strategic foresight at the micro (enterprise architecture) and macro (reshaping of the market, the transformation of the system) level. The aim of his research is to discover the formulas of shaping the change, as well as the diagnosis of the importance and power of influence of probable events in the scenario analysis. In his works, he also deals with the identification of multi-dimensional effects caused by planned, strategic decisions in the 4P dimension (plausible, probable, preferable, possible).

Mayevsky is the author of non-fiction books, including “The Clouds Economy” (Chiron Academic Press – Sweden). As a Science Fiction writer, he has published, among others, the dystopian novel “Homosexocracy” and a cyber romance “The Man Who Wanted to Understand Woman”.


8 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Read Science Fiction in the Near Future – click

David J Rodger – DATA


2 thoughts on “Infographic Interview: Absolute Facts About Author Reveal Incredible Insight Into Writing

  1. David,

    I’d argue that there WAS some horror in Iron Man Project. the way that freaked out PO-8 rep Marlow kept grabbing his bollocks every five minutes…pretty effing horrible! :P


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