WiP: 15th December

Work in progress

Just wrapping up a new short story The Hotwells Horror. Very pleased with it although was a tough one to write. I’ll be sending out draft versions to my usual crowd soon.

Already deep into fleshing out another tough nut of a story, one called the Howling Key which came about after an email exchange with my lovely friend Ramona in New York – she planted the seed of an idea in my mind and basically said: over to you. Which is great, and terrible. Great because the idea has bloomed into a remarkable idea. Terrible because I only have half a story. Remarkable ideas are rubbish unless you can put them together in a shape that makes somebody take notice… and I don’t have an end. God damn! I don’t have an end. I’ve walked 21 miles in 3 days, most of that spent thinking about this bloody idea and I just can’t get around the edges of it, the shape of the thing is in my hand but everything else….


Thanks to Game Breaker Hagen, Gothic Tom and Richy for  their time spent listening to me talk through this, and their invaluable suggestions towards a conclusion.  Still not there yet.

Onto happier news, I’ve been working steadily with my editor last three weeks on the new novel, Oakfield. Almost there. Almost ready to start pre-launch.

# # #



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