What Happens When You Go for a Walk in Brooklyn, New York

Strangers in the Snow: Brief E-mail tale from my publicist, Floyd Hayes, after he got lost in Brooklyn, New York

From:     WFA
Sent:    11 December 2014 15:10:47
To:    David J Roger (xxxx@hotmail.xxx)

Hey,  interesting day yesterday.

Horrid snow.  I was feeling rundown and know by now that the best way to get energy back up is a long walk.

So, taking inspiration from your harbor walks, I wrapped up and headed out.  The plan: walk to Bushwick and photograph the street art there.

I walked down a street I don’t normally stroll.  And there on the corner was a store called “twenty sided store” – a specialist role playing game shop!

In I go…

Bear in mind it’s a nasty Wednesday afternoon at the unfashionable end of the neighborhood…

The place had a nice buzz.  About 6 women in there, all a bit nerdy and kinda hot ….

Interesting.  I told the woman at the counter about you and picked up a card, she wanted to know if you had PDFs of YD….I’ll pass on her details and you can follow-up if you wish:


I pursue the esoteric items, Cthulhu game cards pick my attention….

Back out into the snow.  About a 4 mile walk and I’m in Bushwick.  All warehouses and graffiti…there’s a ton of art studios tucked in between the sheet metal works and furniture repair places.  An art festival had taken place this summer and the murals were still everywhere.  I take so many pictures my phone died.


There goes my map!

Ok, time to walk back then….of course I pass a pub. In I go to get warm and swallow a pint or two.  Inside the whole place had a kind of steampunk nautical theme….Cthulhu all over the place :) so I raise a glass to you and try not to stare at the gorgeous 20-something at the bar with her male friend….

I leave after 3 pints, much cheered. Then I realize I’m totally lost.  No map.  Shit.  Ok.  Just walk. I end up absolutely miles away and the snow getting worse, it’s getting dark.  Fuck.  A private cab sidles up…”need a lift” hell yes.  Thanks. We drive back to Williamsburg , I was so far out the way it made me smile. To get lost in the modern world is a strange and not altogether unpleasant feeling.

A small tale but thought I’d share it.


Brooklyn NY in the snow

Brooklyn in the snow

# # #


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