Game Geeks in Brooklyn, get yourselves to Twenty-Sided Store

‘Cos There’s Lots Going On!

Twenty Sided Store gaming retail Williamsburg Brooklyn focus on board games, RPGs and Magic The Gathering

Dice baby, nothing else does the job

If you’re a hardened board game fanatic, RPG-head or a total newbie interested in the cross-over realm of physical reality and imagination, get yourselves down to the super friendly store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  My publicist found himself stumbling in there couple days back, on a random whim of roaming freezing streets almost like a Lovecraftian dream, and the folks behind the counter were very welcoming and lovely indeed.

Check their repository of arcane fun and see if they have a copy of the amazing Fury of Dracula (1987 version) board game.

Photo playing Fury of Dracula (1987) with Francis Ford Coppola's movie Dracula in background

Lone Pine playing Fury of Dracula – Image by David J Rodger

Or see if you can get into some post-apocalyptic science fiction and horror investigation, with the RPG: Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur.


Twenty Sided Store is a gaming store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They focus on board games, RPGs and Magic: the Gathering.

362 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Monday – Friday: 2-11
Saturday: 11-11
Sunday: 11-8

Weekly Events (December 2014)

Mondays: MTG Commander, Legacy

Tuesdays: MTG Modern, Draft

Wednesdays: D&D

Thursdays: Board Games

Fridays: MTG Standard, Draft

Saturdays: MTG Standard, Draft

Sundays: Board Games and ALT.RPG

Check out their events calendar for more info:


Make Contact with Twenty Sided


Twitter: @20sidedstore




Role playing game - Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur - post-apocalyptic horror investigation and survival in the sci-fi dark fantasy universe of British author David J RodgerYellow Dawn The Age of Hastur RPG - Special Edition Hardback.

Fantastic reviews and a great setting to port into any other RPG. Click here to learn more…





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