Dark Art: Twisted Walls by Andy Brase

Shadow Dancing Within The Flames of Hell

Take one demon, punch it through with metal spikes and fibrous cables that might, just might, be some form of arcane technology that doesn’t frazzle like physical plane electronics do in the presence of such creatures…  well, then have the visuals of this thing writhing in an orgasmic frenzy within the Escher-like structure of a summoning portal and have an American fantasy artist like Andy Brase twitch his fingers in a moment of diabolical inspiration. This is what you get:

Twisted Walls by Fantasy Artist Andy Brase

Twisted Walls by Fantasy Artist Andy Brase


Andy Brase is an American fantasy artist with a reputation for dark characters, twisted creatures and cover illustrations rendered in an intense and unique inking style. His work has appeared on many comic books for companies including Dark Horse, Marvel, IDW and Image Comics.

You’ll see his work seeping through RPG book art, album art, concept design, toy design, T-shirt design, and card art. The man takes private commissions.

Find Andy Brase on the web through the following portals:


CREDIT: Featured Hero Image – Dark Sun, Ink Detail, Andy Brase, Copyright IDW

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