WiP: Another Short Out the Bag

Work in Progress

Just written a very short story in one go. Had the idea as I woke up this morning and it rapidly swelled to fill my brain. The Dream Exchange. I’ll post it soon. Interesting glimpse into my own internal workings, thoughts and beliefs.

I am continuing to battle through another new short story, The Hotwells Horror. I started it last week after wrapping up The Stones and The Manuscript of Ub’izael, but am struggling with this one. Hope to break the back of it soon. Lots more ideas stacked up from recent weeks, especially since travels (Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta, Sicily, Amsterdam).

My editor and I are now three-quarters through the latest novel, Oakfield. I’ve not touched it since I finished writing in June. Dang, there are some stupendous moments of emotion (character interaction, drama), tension, action and sinister horror. She says it is her favourite book of mine so far. We’ll have to see what you think. I’ve got the cover for it now, will do a preview reveal soon.

Rest of my time at the moment is marketing and PR. A full-time job that never has enough time, so it seems.

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