8 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Read Science Fiction in the Near Future

8 novels, with new covers, that mash together the thriller with near future science fiction and other flavours

David J Rodger with complete collection of science fiction thrillers dark fantasy cyberpunk and Cthulhu Mythos horror novels at Brigstow Lounge Bristol

David J Rodger with complete collection of his novels

Take a tense, action-packed thriller loaded with incredible characters that will stay with you for years after you’ve finished reading the book.  Nudge it into the near future, where Cyberpunk themes mesh with new technology and the rise of the global corporate super power UTOC.  Dig deep enough into some stories and you may find subtle strata of arcane Evil, or the machinations of mad men and women obsessed with the worship of Things That Should Not Be Named – or simply scratch the surface and see a wild horror surge out through the story wreaking devastation. Try one…


New to David J Rodger?

8 novels and creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. Excellent reviews. Supported by Bristol Fantasy & Sci-Fi Society. Short stories published UK, US, Canada and Japan.

“The best Sci-fi I have read in 10 years”Floyd Hayes, former Creative Director Cunning (US).

“Atmospheric & Creepy”The Guardian

Which Book Should I Read First?
Any that take your fancy. There are currently no serials. Each book is a separate story.

Great opportunity to buy the set with new covers! Amazing Christmas Gift! Buy the whole set!

I recently completed a total overhaul of all my novel covers. 8 fantastic new visualisations by Ben from London design duo The Sprezz. Click here to see them lined up here and looking lovely.


Got Kindle?

I’ve also reduced the price of my products on Amazon Kindle for the duration of this special offer. Choice of currencies available, $ US Dollars; or £ GB Pounds, or the Euro.



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