Boards of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest – music for a post-apocalyptic age

Tomorrow’s Harvest – The incredible 2013 album by Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada shows they are riding far out into unknown terrain

WE WILL REAP WHAT WE HAVE SOWN: There’s a post-apocalyptic taste in the air. Has been for a while. Like the Cold War that defined the 1980s has evolved from the risk of nuclear annihilation to the promise of mutagenic viruses and global conflict, pressed between the blades of corporate greed and the human hunger for resources including oil, grain and water.

Whether you’re reading, writing, painting, sculpting or cooking up a ceremony offering libation to the Great Old Ones, slip on a pair of padded headphones or just crank up a decent stereo really loud and let this album, Tomorrow’s Harvest, launch you into a futurescape of hope framed by dark forces, dreams tinged with the shape of a looming nightmare.

I’ve been into Boards of Canada for a long, long time. Their music was inspirational, along with Trentemøller, whilst I was writing my techno thriller EDGE – a story that takes place mostly within the confines of a ski & snowboarding resort in New Zealand. I’ve only just started listening to this album from 2013, and it is propelling my mind in a woozy swirl of visuals, mood and new ideas.

Boards of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest album cover - music for a post-apocalyptic age - we shall reap what we sow

Boards of Canada – Come to Dust (from Tomorrow’s Harvest)


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CREDIT: Featured Hero Image – Big Mountain Snowboarding photo Photography © co Freeride World tour


Best thriller in science fiction dark fantasy category - EDGE by David J Rodger

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New technology, corporate espionage and a seething abomination from beyond the Outer Chaos




“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake


“…the best Sci-Fi horror I’ve read in ten years” – Floyd Hayes, Creative Director of World’s Fastest Agency on Dog Eat Dog


David J Rodger is back with another punchy thriller – EDGE – following on the back of the widely successful Dante’s Fool; Iron Man Project and God Seed. All four books are separate and unrelated stories that occupy a single shared universe.




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