RPG: Weapons of Arcane Technology – Rathssagua Ray Gun

Potentially small damage but with a cumulative, life-threatening effect that goes beyond the original wound

Rathssagua Ray Gun: This is a weapon encountered by characters in the hand of an NPC that turned out to be one of the Serpent Men in human guise.  It is evolved from powerful magick/ technology created by Serpent Men.

It is a large, one-handed weapon and is hard for (real) humans to wield due to the position and shape of the firing mechanism. For this reason, humans suffer a penalty (Difficult / -20%) when using it.  Made from a coppery alloy that glistens without reflecting light, it features a dull quartz-like crystal seemingly fused within its core structure.  There is no magazine and there are no moving parts, other than the trigger.

It contains enough energy to be used continuously until the character rolls ’00’ when making a to-hit check.  Like all “system dice rolls” this score cannot be adjusted by Hero Points, but a character can always spend a Karma Point to force a re-roll.  Regardless, if a ’00’ result comes up, the character must make a LUCK ROLL otherwise the weapon is empty and cannot be recharged.

(If using a d20 game system then a ‘1’ has the safe effect; roll 1d20 again and if you score ‘1’ again the weapon is empty and cannot be recharged).

The Rathssagua Ray Gun fires one shot per round.  An invisible beam that delivers agonising heat.  Passes through any and all armour, including ALL magical protection, without effect.  Anything organic / living is “cooked”.

Damage: 1d10 to one body area.  Classed as burn damage, creating risk of infection depending on the severity. Basic healing time is also slowed for burn damage.  Check Yellow Dawn rules page 284 for infection, and page 285 for additional consequences of burn damage.

Damage does not heal naturally.  Every time 1HP “should” be recovered, the character must roll 1d20 and score OVER the total damage from wounds delivered by the weapon (currently in effect / across the whole body). If this damage is more than 20 points, then any time the character rolls ’20’ they get to roll again and add the value of the dice together, with a hope of scoring over the damage done.

If a character is using speed healing drugs, then every 1 HP recovery is challenged in this way.

This prolongs the duration of convalescence and risk of infection from the burn damage.

Finally, there is a risk of cancer developing every day the character carries such damage, due to alien energies warping tissue cells. Roll 1d100  each day. If you ever roll equal to or less than the current level of damage from this weapon, the character develops a cellular cancer that spreads through blood and lymphatic system into the rest of the body.  Check Yellow Dawn rulebook page 238 for effects of Cancer and how it spreads.


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