WiP: Oakfield Edit + New Ideas

| Work in Progress |

Oakfield. Now two nights into edit, sitting alongside bitch with the red pen. Due to continue tonight. Damn thing is already invading my dreams. Weird but wonderful too. Dramatic scenes involving bold house alone on a hill overlooking sea in remote Cornish town.

Short stories. Sent out The Stones for review on Tuesday to small circle of folks. I’m planning on working up the fixes (lots of them!) today. Also just finished first draft of new short, Manuscript of Ub’izael. Very Mythos.

Meanwhile, woke up at bloody 3 o’clock this morning with an idea surging into frontal lobe like the spilled foam of a strong incoming tide. One idea became two, and then four!  Four new story ideas: The Hotwells Horror; Ghost of a Shadow; Bane of the Sword and Tesseract. Just seeds, nothing fleshed out, but I’m pretty darn excited and pleased! I made the effort to get out of bed, throw on Starsky, climb up into the Sky Bunker, switch on life support and scribble down the ideas into my leatherbound notebook from Santiago rather than rely on dream-corroded memories.

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