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¦ dialing in from the Sky Bunker ¦

Heavy grey sky pressing low and close to the glass canopy above my head. The crests of distant hills are lost in those clouds. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was freakishly warm, a sparkling gem of a gift for this late in November in England. I was able to spend the entire afternoon sitting outside one of my daily haunts, with golden light sloping in low between the structures of the historic harbour here in Bristol.  A nice way to spend a block of writing time.

David J Rodger outside Brigstow Lounge Bristol harbour working on The Stones, short Cthulhu Mythos fiction

DJR – Brigstow Lounge – Working on “The Stones”

I’m getting back into a productive stride after months of “deep thought”, mapping out the structure of four books; a period that was itself preceded by months of travel and decompress (still writing these trips up, working through images). It certainly has been an interesting year. Started editing Oakfield on Sunday night. That continued last night, sitting with Oj, reading, tweaking and actually really enjoying it… so far the story is solid.  Woke up at 4 A.M. yesterday with a short story idea in my head: “The Stones”. Nailed most of it during the day: 1,500 words. Plan to finish it today. First short story I’ve written since I blasted through 14 in a row, 40,000 words in 6 weeks, this time last year.

Today is about tweaking Oakfield after comments last night. Finishing the short I started yesterday and probably starting another one that I had the idea for on Sunday. There’s the usual slab of time dedicated to marketing my books and RPG. This afternoon I need to put some time aside to prep for tonight’s planned session of Yellow Dawn. I do this every Tuesday with a group of regular players.  Tonight is going to be difficult because several characters are in dire peril, one of them is high level (hero rank) which represents a significant investment of time, energy and stress building up… he’s a great character in a very bad situation. You can read-up on the latest session notes here (click to read).

Sure it is just a game but I’ve already seen how much real people get emotionally tied into what happens to their fictional characters; it’s similar to what happens to Neo and his cohorts in the Matrix, or any character running cyberspace in total immersion, when then body believes it is actually “there” – damage, trauma, pain, stress and anxiety for the character transfer immediately into the realspace puppet master.  So there might be some players going through the mill tonight as their characters get chewed up by the Cthulhu Mythos.

Talking of Cthulhu Mythos, I wrote a little post last night about how excited I am to see Warner Bros pushing ahead with a four movie adaptation of Stephen King’s epic novel The Stand.  Mainly because it shows post-apocalyptic thrillers are considered worthy of significant investment; and, if you consider Randall Flagg to be an avatar of the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep, then it also means that Warner Bros are pushing the Cthulhu Mythos further into mainstream consciousness and away from the stigma of low-budget horror. Which is all great news for my work. Come on people, open your eyes to the Mythos. It’s just out there… waiting for you.

*dark smile*


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