Get yourself to Bristol and find all my books on one shelf, with a coffee in hand

Brigstow Lounge in Bristol have acquired the complete set of my novels for their bookshelf

Come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Brigstow Lounge, nestled in a modern development amongst the historic vibe of Bristol Harbour – and treat yourself to a comfy sit down with one of my novels. All are now available to read from their bookshelf.

Brigstow Lounge supporting local science fiction  author - Bristol England



Which Book Should I Read First?
Any that take your fancy. There are currently no serials. Each book is a separate story.

Great opportunity to buy the set with new covers!

I recently completed a total overhaul of all my novel covers. 8 fantastic new visualisations by Ben from London design duo The Sprezz.  Click here to see them lined up here and looking lovely.  Don’t forget to use the discount code FLASH30 at checkout today (24th November) to enjoy a 30% discount on everything!


Got Kindle?

I’ve also reduced the price of my products on Amazon Kindle for the duration of this special offer. Choice of currencies available, $ US Dollars; or £ GB Pounds, or the Euro.

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