WiP: CoW

Work in Progress

Just got back from a few days in Newcastle. A lot of work on Camaraderie of Wolves. I’ve been creating blocks of bullet notes. Each block is a scene, laid out in order of sequence. I’ve got the end of the book after my epiphany last week and have now laid down all the scenes that map out the main structure. But I have a wadge of paper notes from 2 years ago which include incidental characters and the twists, turns and tensions they bring in to the plot. So now I am picking through these notes, dropping in additional scenes into the bigger structure (adjusting that where necessary). And this is now shaping up nicely into a fully fleshed out novel structure.  A few more days of this ahead of me I reckon. It would be great to have it nailed before the end of November, giving me December to focus on Rise of the Iconoclast.  Once that one is done I’ll have four books ready to start writing. I guess that will happen early 2015.

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