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| Dialling in from the Wild Trapeze Cafe |

Hello Newcastle.

Nursing a mild hangover thanks to Mr Lone Pine and some late night games of Fury of Dracula last night.

Visiting friends in Newcastle but also here to enjoy time in one my favourite cafes in the world: the Wild Trapeze. Also to enjoy strolling through the streets of Heaton and Jesmond, down through the heavy woods of the Dene… roaming places that have been central to my imagination and my inspiration.

Even before I got here it’s been a great few days. 

Delivered another performance of Arnos Vale last week. My story of grave-robbing at a historic cemetery in Bristol. This time I was at Let Me Tell You A Story Jack, which has a diverse range of story flavours and styles, with a LOT of humour from frontman and co-organiser,  Will Harding.

I’ve been very productive with mapping out the new novel, CoW (Camaraderie of Wolves). I also seem to be making that periodic shift back towards working on Yellow Dawn, the game, as opposed to novels in the setting. Came up with a 4,000 + word idea for a scenario aimed at introducing characters interested in magick. You can grab it for free here:

Met up with fledgling gothic horror writer Thomas D Parker on a moody Sunday afternoon at our favourite beer haunt, the SmallBAR. He was drinking Coke and I stuck to coffee, giving you hint of our last few days.

He’s resuming the focus of his wonderful imagination, shaped by the ghostly stories of M.R.James, back onto his first novel. Work in progress. Ladies of Walthamstow. He wanted to sense-check the story so far and work on some gaps.  He talked me through the essential plot points and where he had issues. We came up with the mechanics of what lies at the heart of the horror in his novel, and some very exquisite ideas for how the horror will conclude… and what may happen beyond. Very sinister.

This morning, in Newcastle, I met up with my childhood friend Richy. He is in the early stages of writing a biography of his life. Particular focus on his childhood, teens and early twenties which could easily be the plot of a work of fiction. I have often said it is amazing that he is still alive and a miracle that he has turned out into the remarkable man he is today.

It’s a book he has been wanting to write for years but the death of his mum earlier this year has given him an emotional impetus. A positive outcome.  He and I met up in Amsterdam in September and first discussed the project there; I have committed to ghost-writing it once he has finished mapping out all the notes and structure.


Sitting in OCC, working on CoW. One of the characters is learning that his ability to do certain things is because of an innate metaphysical talent (inside most of us but dormant) which is only now awakening. Early stages of the journey towards becoming a Road Mage, a post-apocalyptic magic user. It’s not going to be a main part of the story, just a bit of flavouring to show this side of the Yellow Dawn universe exists…  the story is mostly about The Changed (victims of the 1st pathogen who survived and now called Orcs by the ignorant and the scared) and the ongoing machinations of big business, in this case, the sim-stim industry which is similar to the movie industry.

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7 thoughts on “Personal Blog: In the flow of things

    • Hah! Hello sir. I hope you were able to satisfy your hunger after I tweeted that picture of my breakfast in Bristol. Yeah Road Mages, I’ve not really done much with them in my fiction… they exist and are well established in the game world. So am looking forward to bringing more of that out into a book or two. Thanks for your positive words. Djr

      • What I ate wasnt half as nice as what you had for brekkie. I really like the sound of Road Mages, I dont believe I have come across their like before, also, I really like the title for CoW sounds really epic and bloody dangerous. :)

      • Mind you can’t beat beans on toast! Heinz beans. The best. Lashings of real butter on the toast. Coarse ground black pepper. Hmmm-hmmmm! Well I hope the Road Mage idea lives up to your expectations.

  1. Always great to read your blogs, my friend. It’s lije I’m sim-stimming into your world. :-)

    I’ve just left work, at 19.30 local time – hoping this changes soon -grrRrrr. It’s a step to Switzerland.

    But I’m good – looking forward to seeing you in a little over a month, for some Harvey Nichs fun, port, movies, log fires, walks, pie, and just chewing the fat with you.

    Big hug for the Lone Pine.

    Much love

    > El 18/11/2014, a las 16:45, “David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy” escribió:

    • Hey brother. Lone Pine says, “Hello Sharky! Big hugs back to you. I can’t remember the last time I saw you? When was it? I think it was Hayling I think. *picks teeth* *raises eyebrows* *chuckles as he realises David is writing everything he does and says*

      Hey man, yeah really looking forward to you coming over to the UK. Reminds me I need to buy in more logs and start chopping!

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